Air Filtration Systems

  • Printer’s Edge offers a quality range of Duster air filtration systems that will keep the air in your work space fresh and clean. Our systems range from the efficient and space saving Duster 1000 Fume Control which cleans air in a studio up to 1000 square feet, up to the heavy duty Duster 3000 Fume Control system, which boasts a three year warranty and will clean the toxic particles from the air in workspaces up to 5000 square feet.

    Duster Air Filtration System

    • Removes dust, lint, spray powders, and all airborne particulate

    • Easy to clean, vacuumable, long lasting dust filters reduce consumable costs

    • Airflow indicators tell you when filters need to be cleaned

    • Removes fumes, odors, VOC’s and Isocyanates from solvent based inks, eco-friendly inks, and blanket washes, solvent wash stations, spray on adhesives, dryers, etc.

    • Long lasting refillable Activated Carbon filters for easy maintenance and lower operating costs (lasting an average of 3-6 months before saturation)

    • Operates on standard 110V power, no special electrical hook-ups necessary

    • Mobile (on heavy duty castors) for easy placement and re-positioning

    • No building permit required for installation (unit is not fixed)

    • Reduce heating costs in winter because air is not exhausted outside (re-circulation)

    Click on the product links below to view the full specifications of our line of Duster Air Filtration Systems. Questions? Contact the air filtration experts of Printer’s Edge at 330-372-2232 or 800-467-EDGE (3343) for professional guidance. Since 1992, Printer’s Edge has been at the forefront of the screen printing industry, so let them help guide you to the best screen printing air filtration system for your business.