Hix Reten Retensionable Frames

Hix Reten Retensionable Frames

Reten Retensionable Frames©

  • Increase mesh life up to 7 times
  • Reduce ink consumption by 20‰
  • Square side bars wont let Retens warp!
  • Get consistent, controllable, mesh tension
  • High print quality with no thread distortion

    The patented HIX Reten frame offers the most advanced features in frame technology. You'll save both time and money with our square sidebars. Fastrax mesh mounting system and Accutrax Tensioning. You'll also increase your mesh life dramatically (up to 7 times) while reducing your ink consumption by 20‰.

    Square sidebars won't let Retens warp like some retensionables. They clamp easily into any printer without adapters saving you time and money. If you "gang run" smaller jobs you can rotate and reposition Retens in seconds. You won't be replacing any mesh due to nicking and tearing because there is no exposed fabric wrapped around our sidebars. Retens tape and handle like wood or rigid aluminum frames so there's no need for fabric protectors, special carts or special screen room handling.

    The Fastrax system is the quickest "fabric to frame" technique available on any frame. There's no presoftening. Corners can be softened at any time during tensioning or retensioning. Our color coded double spline fabric locks easily in our continuous slot. No more damaged mesh from inferior end threading systems.

    Tension control means quality control. That means Accutrax Tensioning. Dual tension jacks provide infinite fabric tension adjustments in each image area quadrant. You get consistent, controllable mesh tension and higher print quality with no thread distortion.


Custom Sixes Available. Please Call Us For Other Sizes.