90A Durometer Squeegee In Tech Mark Manual Holder

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90A Durometer Squeegee In Tech Mark Manual Holder
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Tech Mark Flex Control Handle With A High Quality 90A Durometer Edgelife Squeegee Blade Installed.

Tech Mark Squeegee Holder

The Problem

Standard squeegees allow the blade to buckle under causing a loss of angle control and ink shear, resulting in poor image quality. Pressure at the print edge is inconsistent.

The Solution

FLEX-CONTROL adjustable brace maintains the set angle across the full dimension of the squeegee blade, under any pressure.

FLEX-CONTROL Ergo/Hand Squeegee

FLEX-CONTROL Ergo/Hand squeegee combines control of blade rigidity with an ergonomic handle design. The handle gives greater control with less effort for cleaner, more consistent prints. The FLEX-CONTROL adjustable blade brace assures the blade control required for quality prints.

Color: Natural
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