Magnetic Material


Imagine the printing possibilities when the material is magnetic! Ideal for temporary vehicle graphics, but also perfect for those “thinking outside the box” projects where magnetic signage may be just the unique medium you’re looking for, Printer’s Edge magnetic sheets are the solution.

Created by a unique process that takes dry ferrite powder and a rubberized resin component, mixes them, then rolls the material into thin sheets, the magnetized material is then laminated with adhesive or vinyl. The final product is the flexible, durable magnetic material you’re familiar with.

Our magnetic material comes in a generous roll of white, usable with vinyl or standard screen printed graphics. The roll is 24 inches wide and 50 feet long, so when you have a large project that requires plenty of temporary and easily transferrable magnetic material, this is the best value out there.

Printer’s Edge supplies you with more than just top quality magnetic material. We specialize in all of the tools and accessories you need for your screen printing business or personal projects. Our screen printing squeegees, squeegee blades, screen printing screens and screen printing frames are well known for their quality craftsmanship and value. Call the screen printing experts of Printer’s Edge today for all of your questions or to start your order at 330-372-2232 or toll free at 800-467-EDGE (3343).