Oil-Flo™ - Safety Adhesive Remover and Cleaner

 Oil-Flo® is an innovative and downright handy solvent for any screen printing operation. Its water soluble, yet effortlessly dissolves difficult stains, adhesive residue and even urethane. It is so powerful, it will even remove hardened adhesives from wood, upholstery and carpet. There are no harmful chlorinates or risky chlorofluorocarbons to worry about with Oil-Flo®--it’s even biodegradable! This environmentally friendly solvent is so gentle, it can be poured directly onto the surface you wish to clean.

There is no harsh odor to Oil-Flo®, and it has a neutral pH. It won’t stain, as it is colorless, and Oil-Flo® is non-flammable as well! Perfect for screen printing and banner making projects that can sometimes get messy, Oil-Flo® also has many practical uses around the shop, such as permanent marker removal and tape residue removal. Printer’s Edge offers two sizes of Oil-Flo®, so depending on the size of your projects (and how messy things tend to get!), you can purchase accordingly. Choose from pints or gallons.

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