Rapid Remover™ - Adhesive Removal Formula

 Rapid Remover® Adhesive Remover is a fast and simple solvent that will take care of any number of different “sticky situations” around your screen printing or sign making workspace. This non-toxic, gentle and water soluble solvent is surprisingly effective on even the toughest adhesive stains, tape residue, spills and even dried smears!

In as quick as sixty seconds, your work space will be sparkling clean once more, with the help of Rapid Remover® from Printer’s Edge. Once you spray the product onto the surface you’d like cleaned, you simply wait a few minutes and then gently squeegee or wipe away the dissolved residue. Rapid Remover® will not damage most vinyls, painted or metal materials. Screen printers and sign makers will rejoice at all the time saved with the help of Rapid Remover® Adhesive Remover.

In this day and age, there is no reason to subject yourself or your staff to harmful, abrasive chemical solvents. There should be no more exposure to harsh fumes or potentially damaging skin contact when there is Rapid Remover as your best option.

Printer’s Edge makes it simple to order the Rapid Remover® and other screen printing and sign making implements and accessories you need for you business or home screen printing projects. You can trust the experienced team at Printer’s Edge to steer you towards the products that will work best for your specific needs, whether it be a new screen printing frame style, more ergonomic screen printing squeegee handle or more vibrant ink hues. Contact an expert at Printer’s Edge today at 330-372-2232 or toll free at 800-467-EDGE (3343) for all of your product questions answered and to start your order.