Rapid-Tac™ - Aids in Positioning

Every screen printer knows how frustrating vinyl signage and decal application can be. Unwanted air bubbles, wrinkles, poor adhesion and tedious readjustment make the process difficult with traditional soap and water application methods, and sometimes impossible in extreme hot or cold weather. Rapid-Tac Application Fluid addresses all of these former issues with its innovative formula.

Gone are the days when you’ll be frustrated by your pressure sensitive vinyl decal slipping and shifting and wrinkling as you try to apply it smoothly. With Rapid-Tac, you’ll enjoy unsurpassed control over your workspace. Your application time will be cut in half! Rapid-Tac allows the vinyl decal to “float” above the installation area until it is positioned exactly how you’d like it. Flawless bond can be achieved by a single person in as little as a minute and a half, while the same project may have taken two workers three times as long with traditional methods of positioning.

Simply clean the application surface with a paper towel dampened with Rapid-Tac, then remove the backing from your decal. Re-spray the surface with Rapid-Tac, then place the decal to your liking--don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be perfect yet! You’ll have time to adjust before you squeegee the fluid from beneath the vinyl.

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