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Plastisol - Textile Screen Printing Ink

Our Plastisol Screen Printing Ink Series is a soft, creamy textured plastisol base, designed for both direct and cold peel transfer screen printing applications. Printer’s Edge offers the 1100 Series, which offers excellent coverage on dark fabrics, yet is versatile enough to easily adjust to a "softhand" finish on light or white fabrics. With the addition of one or two products, the 1100 Series becomes a true multi-purpose plastisol. Excellent results can be obtained in direct printing Wet-on-Wet without any build up of colors.

We offer every hue imaginable, in a variety of application-specific formulas. Glitter, neon, metallic and other specialty inks are at your fingertips when you browse our selection. Printer’s Edge also carries a full line of important additives, emulsion chemicals, color concentrates, low bleed ink formulas, color mixing ink systems and other screen printing ink accessories.

From screen printing ink to frames to the squeegees and other key screen printing implements you require, Printer’s Edge is your trusted authority in the industry. Since 1992, Printer’s Edge has been at the forefront of screen printing innovation and technology—let our experts guide you to the materials you need by contacting us at 330-372-2232 or 800-467-EDGE (3343).
  • $26.19

    Transfer Adhesion Promoter

    Printers Edge

    Transfer Adhesion PromoterPrice is Per Pound.

  • $70.00

    High Clarity Clear Coat

    Printers Edge

    High Clarity Clear CoatPrice is Per Gallon

  • $58.00

    Bead (Cavier) Adhesive Base

    Printers Edge

    Bead (Cavier) Adhesive BasePrice is Per Gallon

  • $80.00

    White Nylon Mesh Ink

    Printers Edge

    The Nylon Mesh Series is intended for use on nylon mesh jerseys. The Nylon series offers good adhesion and abrasion resistance when properly cured....

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  • Spot Cleaning Gun

    Spot Cleaning Gun


    This cleaning device will remove wet or cured printing ink mistakes from any textile material, using water or any solvent.It ships in a protected b...

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  • $61.11

    Tri-E.R.C. Screen Reclaimer


    Tri-E.R.C. Screen Reclaimer (Powder)Price is Per 2 Pound Container.Please call for bulk sizes and pricing.1-800-467-3343