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  • $61.11

    Tri-E.R.C. Screen Reclaimer


    Tri-E.R.C. Screen Reclaimer (Powder)Price is Per 2 Pound Container.Please call for bulk sizes and pricing.1-800-467-3343

  • $26.19

    Transfer Adhesion Promoter

    Printers Edge

    Transfer Adhesion PromoterPrice is Per Pound.

  • $70.00

    High Clarity Clear Coat

    Printers Edge

    High Clarity Clear CoatPrice is Per Gallon

  • $58.00

    Bead (Cavier) Adhesive Base

    Printers Edge

    Bead (Cavier) Adhesive BasePrice is Per Gallon

  • $80.00

    White Nylon Mesh Ink

    Printers Edge

    The Nylon Mesh Series is intended for use on nylon mesh jerseys. The Nylon series offers good adhesion and abrasion resistance when properly cured....

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  • Spot Cleaning Gun

    Spot Cleaning Gun


    This cleaning device will remove wet or cured printing ink mistakes from any textile material, using water or any solvent.It ships in a protected b...

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