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For screen printing frames that will last through the most hours of use, you need a reliable adhesive. The screen printing experts at Printers Edge are always available to guide you through the intricacies of choosing the adhesive that will work best with the style of screen printing frame and screen printing mesh that you plan to use.

Printers Edge offers 2 part Epoxy adhesive in two different formulas. The LS850 is ideal for bonding any fabric to wood, metal or plastic frames and it’s guaranteed to set securely in only 15 minutes! This solvent proof adhesive seals unfailingly--you won’t find yourself wasting time with slipping screen mesh or repairs after the adhesive has cured. Our glue kit comes with one gallon of adhesive, curing accelerator and catalyst.

Printers Edge has been a trusted authority in the screen printing business for over 30 years, so you can depend on our team of experts to advise you on everything from the best screen printing squeegees to the ideal screen printing inks for your business’ specific requirements. Returning customers agree--Printers Edge offers competitive prices on all screen printing tools and accessories, offers great customer service, and will have your order delivered fast.

Call one of our screen printing professionals today at 330-372-2232 or toll free at 800-467-EDGE (3343) to place your order.