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Masteredge Squeegee

Masteredge (Master Edge) Squeegee Blades

Masteredge squeegee blades are made in America of the finest polyurethane elastomers available.

Our special molding process ensures a uniform material, without voids. All of our squeegees are shipped with our special factory edge. These edges are the smoothest and sharpest available to give you maximum printing performance.

All squeegees are guaranteed to be the most solvent resistant on the market.
They are available in all shapes and sizes. Pricing is per 12ft roll.
  • 12mm x 50mm (1/2"x 2")

    12mm x 50mm (1/2"x 2")

    Printers Edge

    12mm x 50mm (1/2" x 2") x 12ft. (3.66m) roll.